About Us

The Nourish Collective unoffically began in 1999 when Angela Adams and Melissa Flick, together with a small group of friends, organized to raise funds and support nonprofits in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In 2003, we created the World's Largest Bar of Soap as a fundraising and awareness project for The Scleroderma Foundation and later donated over 15,000+ pounds of the soap to over 60 charities worldwide. https://nourishcollective.org/Projects/Where-Weve-Been

From 2005-2007, Nourish volunteers provided financial assistance and hygiene and medical supplies to refugees of Hurricane Katrina who relocated to DFW, hosted DFW area screenings of Invisible Children, and completed a needs assessment of the Central Arlington Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area.

From 2008-2011 Nourish volunteers assisted with organizing two community-building/spiritual-development weekend events; developed relationships with organizations promoting natural healthcare alternatives; provided natural health consultations; led seminars on non-toxic cleaning alternatives; and provided free doula services to women in need of labor support.

Nourish officially became a nonprofit in 2011 and wasted no time expanding services internationally. Beginning in 2011, Nourish volunteers developed a soapmaking and handwashing curriculum and began providing basic soapmaking and business training in locations globally. Nourish has established two sewing circles, called Sew Dignified, to make Days for Girls menstrual care kids for girls and women in need of menstrual supplies. We distribute the kits in partnership with Operation Smile.

COVID-19 halted our shipment of menstrual care kits and made gathering to produce the kits difficult. During this time, Nourish began to re-imagine how to offer our services in a more remote fashion. Our Sewing Circles will resume in 2022. In addition, we intend to launch a series of Nourish Circles offering spiritual direction and mutual support in January 2022.