How We Got Here

The Nourish Collective began in December of 1999, when Melissa Flick and Angela Adams were sewing pajama pants for Christmas. As they sewed - and cursed - they dreamed about ways to make a difference in the lives of other women. by 3:00am Angela and Melissa found themselves with one pair of pajama pants with a leg attached inside out and one pair with the fly sewn shut. The best product to come out of that night was an index card with scribbled plans of a nonprofit surrounding one single, legible word in capital letters:  NOURISH.

Fast forward to Winter 2002, when Melissa and Angela began what they affectionately referred to as “The Big Soap” project. Starting with a $0 budget, they successfully obtained over $250,000 in donations-in-kind to build the World’s Largest Bar of Soap and turn it into a community event to increase awareness of scleroderma, an autoimmune disease that claimed the life of Melissa’s mother, Starr Johnson, and to raise money for scleroderma research. Over 8 tons of blue “Ocean-Mist” scented soap later, Melissa and Angela had one important realization.

 If people are willing to give time and money to help two hippies build a big blue soap, we can make Nourish a reality.

In the past 16 years, we've: 

  • Distributed 15,000+lbs. of soap (cut piece-by-ever-loving-piece from the World’s Largest Bar) to 60+ charities from TX to Ethiopia
  • Conducted soap-making and business training in Ethiopia, Morocco, and Ghana
  • Conducted hand-washing training in Madagascar, India, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Ghana, Haiti, and Jordan
  • Provided financial assistance and donated basic hygiene and medical supplies to refugees of Hurricane Katrina
  • Hosted DFW area screenings of documentaries
  • Completed needs assessment of the Central Arlington Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area
  • Helped organize two sustainable-living/community-building/spiritual-development weekend events
  • Developed relationships with organizations promoting natural healthcare alternatives
  • Provided natural health consultations and led seminars on non-toxic cleaning alternatives
  • Provided Doula services to women in need.