“Collective” is part of our name for a reason: without many hands to help us do the work and many financial gifts to make it possible, these dreams will remain just dreams.

Ways to Give:

1. Give Money  - Even though our mothers taught us to be polite and never ask for money, here's where we break that rule! Make an online gift donation now

2. Give Time - The Nourish Collective is growing! We are actively seeking participants for our trips and volunteers for our Board. For more information click here

3. Give Supplies - The Nourish Collective is in need of the supplies listed below. 

General Needs

  • School supplies (paper, pens, pencils, crayons, binders, folders, etc) 
  • Frequent Flier miles (to keep travel costs to a minimum!)

  • For victims of sexual assault and domestic violence (UNUSED combs, shampoo, conditioner, washcloth, towel, face wash, lotion, sanitary products, toothbrush, toothpaste, nail care items, etc.) 
  • For girls period kits: 1 gallon ziplock freezer bags, terry washcloths, panties (Girls' size 10 - 14), hotel size bars of soaps, PUL fabric 
  • Insect repellent 
  • Mosquito nets 
  • Small toys and gifts for kids ( stickers, bubbles, books, small stuffed animals, etc.)

  • Gloves
  • Face Masks
  • First Aid Kits

  • Non-GMO seeds
  • Candy thermometers
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Stainless steel utensils and bowls
  • Glass measuring cups
  • Re-usable Soap molds
  • Scales

Drop-off / Ship to Address:

Nourish Collective
836 Rachelle Dr.
Red Oak TX 75154

For more information, please contact us directly. The Nourish Collective is a non-profit organization. Thank you for your contributions!