Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects 

Selamta Co-Op

  • The Nourish Collective will conduct intermediate soap-making training for the dedicated women in the Selamta Family Project soap-making co-op. We are currently accepting applications for travel to Ethiopia.
  • The Nourish Collective is pleased to announce we have begun the process to start a Days for Girls microenterprise with the Selamta Family Project in Addis Ababa! 

Soap Socials

The Nourish Collective will host soap-making parties in Texas and Illinois as a fundraiser for our programs. Stay tuned for more information and follow us on Facebook


Sew Dignified!

The Nourish Collective has established two Days for Girls sewing projects (called Sew Dignified) -  one in Northeast Texas and one in Canada. See our Facebook page for more details on the Nourish/Days for Girls sewing events. Can't attend a sewing event? There's plenty you can do from where you are! Email melissa@nourishcollective.org for more information!