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The Nourish Collective nourishes hope by cultivating life-giving solutions to poverty, poor health, and despair. As passionate leaders in our global community, we are putting hope on the map.

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The Nourish Collective advocates community partnerships in assessing community strengths and needs to provide the most beneficial programs and services for individuals and communities. Through multi-faceted, holistic programs we equip and empower individuals to improve their lives and nourish their families and communities.

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"Soap & H20" Statistics

1.6 million deaths a year are attributed to preventable diseases spread through unsafe water, poor sanitation, and lack of hygiene.
Handwashing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection.
Washing hands with soap and water could reduce diarrheal disease and death by up to 50%.
• Even under circumstances where clean water is not available, evidence indicates that hygiene practices using unsafe water are beneficial to reducing the spread of  disease and are better than not washing at all.
In addition to water, another hygiene challenge in less developed countries is access to soap. Even when soap is available, it is typically used for laundry and bathing instead of for handwashing.
(from CDC)

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